Written Free Sundays Image



I hope this tune reach the masses

So I can get a little pay packet

In my baggage

Mix it with a bit of spray

Tagging out my track-list

And all my friends are gassed it’s

Lucky I can press the re-wind

Moving backwards

Shit it getting too wild

Similar to futile


Getting through


I’ve been up since 2 while

Making sure the beats sound nice

Cuz who the fucks checking ya

When the food’s no spice

I originated from the north ends

But my stance staggered

Cuz I walk with the wolves


Citrus like a lemon

Be the remedy

Sensimilla, sending me

I’m getting jelly belly

Butterflies, at 10 to 3

I’m set to be performing

In the early hours of the morning

Feeling kinda disorientated

In this state of boredom

I’ve been up since late late

Doin’ this from day

I’m bout to get that break

Make money from my take on life

I could keep bouncing on riddims

But I’ll give space to my siblings

Open up doors and we’ll get that fam made

Cuz I’m making all the decisions

Putting my self in positions

We put a casual in his damn place

No fan fakes

I’d rather be limited

Buying into my vision

Not following cuz I’m sick

Moving and yeah I’m moving ’em

Took a while to get stupid

But now that my lyrics do this

I’m confident, I confuse ’em

I’m Superlative