Apartment Sessions Season 1

AS1 – Session 7

[Verse 1]

When the lights are bright

And the stage is set

Everybody is watching 

That’s when I think ‘bout the team that I got

Long distance

But I still know that I got them

It’s all love when we link on the ends

Flip back to the days when we linked on a regz

Nowadays it’s a couple skype calls

And a couple Whatsapps

Just to see that they’re blessed

I’m vexing

Cuz lately I’ve got the writer’s block

When did it stop

Lately I’ve got life that I wanted

Lately they want the life that I’ve got

Lately it seems like God’s took the stress from me

Blessing me with this freedom that I got 

Now I’m in my own yard

Gotta put my head down 

If I wanna put them p’s in the pot 


I just spit my words

I don’t think about grime

I don’t think about road  

I don’t think about you man

I don’t think about those

I don’t think about days when we were down

And nobody holla’d

Shouts to the man that actually bothered

Cuz now that I’m back

When ya need me you’re covered

And it’s all love

I’m holding it down in the mental

Central systems calm but eventful

Now that we’ve got our own yard

With a little back garden

I’m taking it back like a rental

Everybody wanted to doubt me

Nothing about you is better than I’ll be

And nothing about me is ever what you’ll be

Cuz everything I see is bigger than your dreams

It’s too deep

[Verse 2]

But when the lights are gone.

It’s just my and myself

Where did I go wrong now

I know that I have this freedom

I’m free from the world

But my thoughts still creeping along

Gotta switch this mindset

Gotta switch this song

Gotta switch this record 

Cuz lately this one is played too long

But how am I gonna get over the hurt

If I don’t quit the herb

But only the herb

Is a boost to my work

No one’s at home when I need ’em the most

So I smoke just to stop me from feeling the worst

Over impose my negative thoughts

On those who chose to believe me first

But no one knows these dreams

These scenes

It seems that green is making me worse


I’m articulate

I don’t need to tell lies

I don’t need to walk road

I don’t need to see you man

I don’t need to see those

I just need to sit down

And think how life could actually happen

If I just treat this game like a pattern

Then my fears fall through

When I backed with a passion and I’m all good

But you’re not that

Looking like a rick roll link

Had a good laugh

Never gonna big you up if they ask me

When you gonna give this up


Who’s been giving this kid love


Where can I submit feedback

Poor performance, I did not love


Lights go off, we don’t that bruv