Apartment Sessions Season 1

AS1 – Session 1


You are the G pon Roada

I am the mic controla

You split an 8th

But I spit a 16th colder.

I get the crowd on toes

I, I got the flow I know that

I’ve got to change this program

Mix up the words I wrote

Spliff up the burn I toke and

Hit up the church I don’t

Fit in the herd I

Can never go too far with these bars

Slow rising like a creeper

In these parts

So high

Feeling the reefa

Could sleep right now

But I’m next to the speakers

It’s crazy. 

My friends say my pen game is high rate

I only touch high grade

And that’s why I’m deeper

But word to my niggas that with me

We winning, and soon they be wanting that feature.

The stress getting weaker 

Everyday I’m feeling full

I’ve not even eaten

Now that I’m up

Pree the levels I’m reaching

Pen in my hand 

Let me show you these demons


A Couple man griefing

Riding my buzz, I don’t see them compete

Trying to copy the way I do me

If I need the buzz get buds for me please

I’ll make sure every one with me can eat

There’s food on the table

New creps on their feet

I swear if you hear this and don’t get behind me

Then let you man be

Nobody knows but me

It’s switched in the brain right now for the better

Changed up the game plan

Come with a fresh

Feels like I’m calling the shots

They must have forgot

Now some of you move like beggars